IWI Tavor - Variants

The Tavor is comprised of two families:

  • The original Tavor Assault Rifle (TAR)

  • The Micro Tavor X95 that spun off MTAR into its own family.


TAR Family









Commando TAR



A short barrel version of the TAR21

Sharpshooting TAR



Designed as a replacement for the IDF M16-based Designated Marksman platforms, This variant is comprised of a TAR21 fitted with a bipod and a Trijicon ACOG 4x32

Note the empty hole in the left handguards of the STAR. This hole was designed to host the on/off switch of the MARS laser pointer.

Micro TAR



Designed for SF units interested in a potent assault rifle's fire power in a compact SMG frame, the MTAR is convenient for concealment and CQB. It was also offered as a PDW for armored vehicles and airborne crews, offering more fire power than a handgun while still allowing for a comfortable movement in the vehicles' tight spaces. This design was later abandoned and replaced by the X95.


Micro Tavor X95

In 2002 the original MTAR design was abandoned and replaced by a newer design known simply as Micro Tavor or X95. The new design was developed with input from the IDF SF and features advanced features, including:

  • Ability to quickly switch from 5.56mm to 9mm

  • Multiple barrels length options

  • Option for a detached or fully integrated suppressor

  • Improved safety

  • New handguards

  • Picatinny rails for mounting a variety of accessories


The Micro Tavor models are offered in two main variants:

  • With elevated Picatinny rail above the weapon.

  • Without an elevated Picatinny rail above the weapon. In this variant, the ITL MARS can be integrated with the weapon as with the original Tavor design, so that when the safety is shifted to fire the sight turned on automatically. This variant can also be fitted with an integrated handguards remote switch for the ITL MARS similar to the TAR family.

Each variant can be ordered with an optional hand size guard.


The initial Micro Tavor was comprised of the following variants. For the latest production versions check out the IDF Issue.






Early design with longer rounded handguards covering most of the barrel.


Later design with a Meprolight Mepro 21 and a flashlight. A 9mm conversion kit with a straight Uzi style magazine is seen in the background.

Designated Marksman

Featuring a an extended barrel, a magnifying optic and a bipod

Early design prototype.


Featuring an integrated suppressor

Early design prototype with a Meprolight Mepro 21


Hosting either an Uzi style straight 32 rounds magazine or Glock style angled 33 rounds magazine, previously seen with the Uzi Micro Para prototype.

Early design with a Meprolight Mepro 21. Note a Glock style angled magazine.


Later design 9 with an ITL MARS, an ITL Mini N/SEAS and flashlight. Note an Uzi style straight magazine

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