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Land Rovers usage with the IDF SF began in the mid 1980's, when SF units required a larger and more capable than the IDF standard issue M151. In the late 1990's the Hummer entered service replacing the M151 as new IDF standard issue all terrain vehicle. However, the Land Rover remained in service.

In the past decade Land Rover usage by the IDF SF has considerately grown Due due to the conflicts in the Territories. Dozens of Land Rovers were confiscated from the Palestinian Authority, modified to IDF SF needs and entered service. In addition, due to the emphasis on secure soldiers' transportation in urban environment the IDF purchased closed fully armored Land Rovers. Known as David this configuration is the first standard issue Land Rover platform in the IDF and is widely used today. The Land Rover is also in limited usage with various Law Enforcement SF units.

There are various Land Rover configurations in usage with the IDF, mostly based on Israeli modified Land Rover 110s platforms:

  • Open - used for reconnaissance and raids, and often fitted with mounted weapons such as LMG and grenade launchers.

PALSAR Tzanhanim  ATV and Land Rovers during training (photo: IDF).

  • SUV - armored configuration used for transportation in urban areas, while maintaining the look and feel of the original civilian version.

Armored SUV Land Rover (photo: MDT).

  • David - armored configuration designed for SF transportation in urban areas. The David is lightweight, has a low noise signature, is highly maneuverable in tight spaces in more compact than an armored Hummer.

Armored David Land Rover (photo: MDT)

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