Handgun Stock

A handgun stock is a telescopic stock designed for various handguns models, which allows accurate rapid fire in longer ranges then can be achieved with a standard hands only aiming position. The stock is attached into the empty space in the handgun handgrip without any modifications to the handgun, and can be attached and detached within seconds. Handgun stocks are in limited use with the Israeli SF community and are also popular in various government and private security outfits.

Operators during training. Standing operator is armed with a CAR15 fitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x32 and a flashlight. Kneeling operator is armed with a CAR15 fitted with a flashlight and aiming a Glock fitted with a stock.


Masada operators during training armed Jericho fitted with compensators, stocks and safety rods. Left operator is seen throwing a training model of a stun grenade. Note protective gear and Marom-Dolphin vests (photo: IPS).

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